Thursday, July 30, 2009

The garden is doing well. The tomatoes are starting to turn red. They are so delicious. The zucchini are over a foot long. Big and fat! The red and yellow bell peppers will soon be ready. I have already harvested some jalapenos. Good eating.

Barbecue on August 8. Are you a member of Plant It Forward? It's the only way you can attend.
Don't miss out--it will be great!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5 artists working the garden today. We tied tomato vines to stakes and supports--they are over 6' tall. We planted spinach, arugula, beets, radishes and lettuce. We harvested green beans, spinach, arugula, beets, carrots and tomatoes. Everyone went home with a bag full of food. Artists working today: Rodney, Ginger, Raksha, Juna and myself.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Can't do too much in the garden today. I got started too late and it's way too hot. I did add some posts to the tomato supports. The Plants are getting way too big. I had to tie up several vines so they wouldn't break. But I am going to get lots and lots of tomatoes.

Got lots of people coming next Wednesday again to work in the gardens for Plant It Forward-the starving artist project.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Plant It Forward-the starving artist project

What a great day! 6 artists including myself worked in the garden! Rodney, Marissa, Ofunne, Ginger, Juna. Suzanne videotaped the artists adding compost, mixing it into the soil, adding mulch and compost around fruit trees. Ofunne and Ginger took photographs, too. Everyone went home with spinach, arugula, endive, butter lettuce, green onions, zucchini or squash, tomatoes, rosemary and even some sprigs of lavendar. We drank lemonade and ice tea and ate corn chips with salsa made with tomatoes from last years harvest.