Thursday, July 30, 2009

The garden is doing well. The tomatoes are starting to turn red. They are so delicious. The zucchini are over a foot long. Big and fat! The red and yellow bell peppers will soon be ready. I have already harvested some jalapenos. Good eating.

Barbecue on August 8. Are you a member of Plant It Forward? It's the only way you can attend.
Don't miss out--it will be great!!!


  1. a garden is love that blooms and wilts
    it casts its seed down forth on fertile soils.
    not many a day will pass till harvests
    long moon offers up its bounty to serve those that served
    the world is our garden , water her well.

  2. The tomatoes are falling over they are so tall. I need taller poles to support them. They are just way too tall!!