Monday, July 19, 2010

White Fly

Just read an article about white flies. So exciting! They tap into the veins of plants and suck up the juices (phloem sap). Can't ignore them or you end up with an infestation you can't get rid of. I put up all the yellow sticky papers I had, but I don't have enough. I ordered more of the potstickers (yellow sticky paper), but they are on back order. Can't wait. I sprayed diatomaceous earth on all the leaves (top and bottom sides). Hope that helps.

Put sliced cucumbers on aluminum foil under and around the lettuce, cauliflower and swiss chard. The combination of the two is supposed to create an odor that slugs and snails don't like--hence, no more munching on my leaves!

Harvested a few more cherry tomatoes--not a lot, but they're coming. Some of the branches have 20 cherry tomatoes.

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