Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pulled out a few more tomato plants today. The root installation is going to be spectacular. I must have 20 - 30 roots by now. Where the big tomato plants were, I pulled out 3 tomato plants plus the cherry tomato plant. I planted peas along the soaker hose line. That should add nitrogen to the soil for next year. In the raised bed Juna and I planted carrots in between the basil plants and red Walla onions in a triangular section near the arugula and parsnips.

Still waiting to see the pak choi, broccoli, and other carrots and onions come up. Maybe next week. Harvested Swiss chard, Daikon radishes, cherry tomatoes, 2 Roma Tomatoes and 3 small heirloom tomatoes. Actually one of the tomatoes was fairly large, but not like this summer.

Collecting lots of brown, dry leaves for the compost bin. That tree on the south border of the house is a treasure-trove of dry material come autumn.

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