Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It wasn't sunny today, but it was a great day for gardening. I started out by adding soil around a potato plant whose potatoes were appearing on the vines above the earth. Then I cut out a large portion of mint that has been crawling from its corner in the raised bed, in an attempt to take over that part of the garden. Mint is wonderful, but very much like a weed in that it's insidious, and creeps all over with its vines and roots. I want to keep it in the corner.

Juna came today and so did two new gardeners I met through Home Grown Culver City: Barbara and Romaine. How appropriate for Romaine to be gardening.

We turned the soil in all the gardens and around the trees where the vetch was pulled up and dug in from last week. Then we watered all the areas well. I dug up the earth around the strawberries on the hill. The ground is still very clay like. It's supposed to rain tonight. That will be good for helping the vetch to further decompose.

We added soil around the three areas containing potatoes, and added another bag to the area I had already worked on. We are going to have a heck of a lot of potatoes this year.

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