Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sept. 1--can't believe it. Strange season this year. All the tomatoes are starting to ripen at the same time. The bell peppers are there, but very small. The hot peppers are starting to turn red. The cauliflower never came, although the plants looked very healthy. I pulled all the cauliflower out today. Taking up too many nutrients from the soil and not giving back. The watermelon vine keeps growing. The first watermelon was very disappointing--pink, sweet, but not very red, as one expects.

Bought more citrus/avocado food and fed the 2 avocado trees. Sprayed the lemon tree with bioinsecticide. It had scale. Also sprayed the plum tree which is nearby.

Sprayed the 2 rose bushes for powdery mildew. Must spray the rest of the vegetables soon.

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