Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Harvest & Eat

The barbecue last Saturday was a great success. 14 people came to work in the garden and harvest the vegetables while Ofunne deejayed. After we picked all the vegetables we prepared a delicious dinner which included: grilled zucchini spears, butternut squash sauteed in olive oil, garlic, salt, raisins and cranberries, tomato with basil and mozzarella with an oil and balsamic vinegar spalsh, an arugula salad with green onions, white radishes, Beefsteak tomatoes cut in wedges, pine nuts and a delicious Italian dressing. I prepared teriyaki flank steak and Tuscan chicken with rosemary (from the garden). Others brought rice, quinoa, potato salad, home baked apple pie and home baked blueberry crisp. Of course, we had wine, beer, lemonade. A veritable feast. All vegetables came from the gardens.

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