Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Planting, planting, planting

Only one helper today, Juna, but boy, did we get a lot done. Made a trench for 6 Yukon gold seed potatoes in Garden #1. Covered them with soil and made a mound for each. Planted another zucchini on the hillside. The other plants are all doing well. Planted a 2nd row of broccoli next to the other one in the Raised Bed. Then we planted 2 rows of cauliflower, followed by 2 rows of pak choi. I also planted more peas where they failed to come up. Of course, I Super Thrived everything.

Some of t he transplanted peppers did not survive, for whatever reason. Good thing I have more seedlings which will be ready for planting very soon. I also planted basil in 3 containers. We had so much basil last year. I must remember to make more pesto sauce and freeze it for the winter.

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