Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today was transplanting day. All my little seedlings are big enough to move out of the small containers and into the garden. On the hillside I transplanted one zucchini, one butternut squash, two watermelon and two cantaloupe. Then I transplanted eight eggplants into Garden #1 near the bell peppers and tomatoes. I put Actinovate (a fungicide) and Super Thrive in the water and soaked all the plants well.

The weather is getting warmer again, so I watered the whole garden this morning after the transplanting. Tomorrow I will see if there is anything else I can transplant. I also want to plant the chamomile and thyme. The sage has flowered, so I probably need to plant more of that too.

Yesterday, I put all the dry herbs (lavender, rosemary & oregano) in small plastic bags, with the name of the herb and date. They are all finally dry enough to put in the bags. Ready for my gardeners the next time they come.

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