Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back from Denmark

I have been gone for two weeks. Three gardeners, Ginger, Juna and Marjan helped with the weeding and watering while I was gone. Now I have to catch up. Tuesday night I tied up the tomato plants. They were staked before I left, but they have grown substantially. I also cut back the cherry tomato plant in Garden #1. It is huge and will cause problems for the beefsteak tomatoes nearby.

Cut all the leaves off the tulip bush--red spider mites. Can't get rid of them. The only solution is to cut off all the leaves and see if they will disappear. If that doesn't work, I will have to pull out the whole plant. Don't want to do that.

One helper today--Juna. I had her pull out the two sage plants in the herb garden and save the seeds. She cut off the branches with seeds, then planted more sage in the same spots using the seeds she had just harvested. Tonight I will harvest all the seeds. So there, Monsanto!

Harvested all the snap peas and then pulled out all the plants--powdery mildew. I poured Actinovate and Super Thrive in the area before reseeding with Burpee peas.

Harvested very small heads of broccoli. I think the sun was too spotty. There is full sunshine now. I will reseed the broccoli. First I have to buy more seed.

There is a potato plant amongst the broccoli. Poured 1 cubic foot of topsoil around it. Doesn't look like I did anything. Will pour more soil around the plant tomorrow. Only have one bag. Must buy more!

The basil is finally coming up in the pots. I will transplant either this Saturday or the following Wednesday.

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