Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The garden is flourishing!

Juna came today. We piled 7 cubic feet of topsoil and compost on the potatoes. Harvested so many turnips and radishes. Planted green and red onions and more carrots. Carrots seems to be very popular. Need to plant even more.

Looking for recipes for kale and kohlrabi. I have decided to make a cookbook--a book of recipes for the garden vegetables I am cultivating. So many people don't want to take a certain vegetable because they don't know how to prepare it. They have no experience with that vegetable. For example--bok choy, kale, turnips, kohlrabi. I am investigating new recipes so that everyone can take advantage of all the vegetables in the garden. I will put a book together eventually. Am also asking the gardeners for t heir favorite recipes. We have artists from Japan, Korea, Argentina, Iran and Nigeria to name a few. I am sure they all have some great recipes to share.

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