Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So yesterday afternoon I received 10 million beneficial Nematodes in the mail. I received 5 million a few days ago. Oh well, a little mixup I guess. Anyway, that meant I had to wet the ground, spray the Nematodes and wet the ground all over again. And use the backpack sprayer again, of course. Can't waste the Nematodes. Hope they help this year.

Got up early again to start the gardening. Rodney and I set up one long line of soaker hose around the perimeter of Garden #1. I have to get more T connectors so I can set up the individual lines or rows for the vegetables. Then Rodney pruned one of the avocado trees, which was in dire need of pruning. Rodney pulled open one of the compost piles and washed the container. That corner is now an open compost pile.

Juna and I planted seeds in peat moss pockets which you first soak in water and then just plant a seed. When the seedlings are ready for transplanting, you just drop the whole thing into a hole and push the dirt around it. No messing with the roots. We planted kale, Swiss chard, peas and beans.

Oh, and great news. Three little seedlings are already up in the small cups I planted last week-- one Cherry tomato and two Beefsteak.

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