Saturday, June 4, 2011

I worked alone in the garden today. My daughter is in town and I didn't want to have to supervise or work consistently if I wanted to spend time with her this morning. As it turned out, she left at 10 a.m. So, I added Dolomite Lime to the strawberries. Mixed it in really well and watered well. I am determined to have lots of sweet strawberries this year.

Then I replanted the onions. They were planted several weeks ago, but only about five spindly little shoots came up. Either the seeds were bad, they were planted too deeply or I didn't water carefully enough. At any rate, I reseeded with scallions and red onions. Let's see what happens. Then I planted peas where the peas did not come up. It may be a cool summer, so I might as well plant some cool weather crops.

Put in another row of carrots in Garden #1. Meanwhile, the radishes, kale and Swiss chard are looking good. I should probably plant some more Swiss chard and kale tomorrow before the rains come. Oh, and some more bok choy.

It's almost time to feed (fertilize) the vegetables again. One day next week.

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