Saturday, June 18, 2011

I worked alone today, but got a lot done. First I fed the 2 avocado trees. They're so tall they each needed 14 cups of the fertilizer. Then I mixed up some fish emulsion with water and fed the plum tree (which I recently sprayed with copper to fight off peach curl) and the fig and nectarine trees. I planted more lettuce along the border of Garden #1 and filled in between the spinach plants. You need a lot of spinach if you are going to steam or saute it. It shrivels down to nothing. I also planted more French marigolds in the corner of Garden #1. None of the ones I planted several weeks ago came up.

The zucchini and squash are looking fabulous. I will spray with organic fungicide this week to keep away powdery mildew and any other problems. I also spread some Escar-go around the raspberry bush, the new little sunflowers coming up and around the other plants I didn't get to the other day.

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  1. Your project is a really great idea ! I'ld love to be part of it when I'll be around ;)

    It will be a nice French touch along with the marigolds :P

    Take care !

    Thierry of