Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The summer is picking up, so to speak. We had 4 gardeners again today.

Meanwhile, just a note: sprayed organic fungicide on the 2 rose bushes near the garden and organic insecticide on the 2 bougainvilla and trumpet plant. Also spread snail repellent pellets around the lettuce and other vegetables in garden #1 and the raised bed.

We harvested all the arugula on the patio border of garden #1 and planted more arugula. There is still a row of arugula ready to be harvested. Then we harvested the last of the Daikon radishes and planted a 3' x 4' section with potatoes. I am going to use the compost bin around this section of potatoes when we start to bury the leaves and branches. I tied up and pruned more tomato plants. Discovered that the 3 extra plants that popped up in the garden are cherry tomato plants. I would have preferred another kind since I already have a cherry tomato plant, but oh well.

Then, since all the peas were harvested, I decided we should plant more peas, so we seeded two rows where the original peas were growing.

Juna mixed in 2 bags of decomposed leaves into the compost pile. Should be ready to sift and use in about 2 weeks.

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