Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gardening at its best!

Alitash came again to garden and brought her friend, Dave, with his 7-year old son, Ezra.  Alitash was excited to see that the radishes she planted on Monday had already started coming up.  Radishes show their faces in 5 - 10 days.  She planted more radishes in between the rows already there.  Then I let her try out my new tool.  It's like a hoe, but it's shaped like a wide triangle.  It cultivates the soil around the plants easily.  Dave planted lettuce and helped Rodney mound 2 bags of soil around the rapidly growing potatoes.  There are purple flowers everywhere, the bees are ecstatic and soon we will have potatoes.  I cleaned up around the plants in the bottom garden and also around the strawberries and squash and zucchini up on the hillside.  We weeded, we watered, but Ezra had the most fun.  He went looking for worms in the compost pile and transferring them gently into the garden beds, covering them with a little bit of soil.  He did it for the longest time.  Then he dug a large hole in the middle of the garden where nothing was growing.  7-year old boys can have the most fun doing very simple things.

We harvested peas, kale, lettuce, mustard greens, rosemary and divided up the last of the radishes we picked the other day.  A wonderful day in the garden!

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