Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monday morning, June 18, was overcast and cool.  Great day to work in the garden.  Juna came by and helped me reseed areas where the vegetable seeds did not germinate.  We planted extra carrots, eggplant and lettuce.  Had trouble with the watermelon on the hillside too, so I reseeded.  Keep my fingers crossed.  I want watermelon this summer.  And the cucumbers.  There are plants on the hill, but I don't know yet if they are cucumbers or weeds.  We'll see.  And since all the spinach is gone, we planted a whole row of spinach.

Forgot to mention that I put a board in the raised bed part of the garden, and underneath I put banana peels, apple cores, avocado skin. I keep the soil damp.   In the morning I lift the board and what do I find?  All kinds of worms and bugs that eat the vegetables.  I scoop them up and throw them in the garbage.

Rodney pulled out the soaker hoses earlier this year.  They weren't wetting the ground enough.  So last week he make troughs from the upper part of the garden to the lower, in between rows and around tomato plants.  Turn the hose on and fill the trough.  All the plants get watered.  Maybe this will be a good solution to the watering problem.

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