Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gardening tomorrow!

I found out that Gardens Alive cannot ship Grub Away to California. I wonder what that is all about. Maybe it's not as organic or as safe as I thought it was.

Meanwhile, part of my order from Gardens Alive arrived--lawn fertilizer, seeds, Escar-go. Still waiting for the beneficial Nematodes. They will arrive later this month.

I worked in the garden for a while today. Decided where the tomatoes, corn, peas and beans will go. I marked out the spot for the tomatoes with small bamboo stakes. I also started taking down the large tomato support (the one closest to the studio). I will be planting corn there, so the support has to go.

I took pH levels for all the gardens:
Garden #1 (from 7 - 7.8)
Raised Bed (6.9 - 7.5)
Top Hillside (7.2-7.5)
Lower Hillside (6.7-6.8)
Herb Garden (7.1-7.5)

So, tomorrow we should harvest the last of the chives, garlic and red onions and some of the arugula (where the corn will be planted), pull out the large tomato support, add dolomite lime to the Raised Bed and Hillside gardens, plant tomatoes, corn, peas and beans directly in the ground, prepare the small containers with potting soil and plant all the peppers, set up the heating pads, turn the large compost bin. Wow, we have a lot to do.

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