Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good work today!

3 people came to work: Juna, Raksha & Ginger. First we added compost and dolomite lime to the strawberry beds on the lower hillside. We mixed it in well and watered it with Super Thrive. Then we planted 3 kinds of tomatoes in Garden #1. I moved the area for tomatoes to the east side, since I have been planting tomatoes on the north side for far too long. We planted Brandywine, Beefsteak and Roma seeds and watered with Super Thrive. Then, we planted one row of Burpee peas and one row of Sugar Snap Peas behind it on the south side of the Raised Bed. I chose that spot because I had formerly cultivated chives and onions there and that is supposed to be good for future cultivation of peas. We set up the heating pad in a protected area behind the house and planted red and yellow bell peppers, jalapenos, eggplant and cherry tomatoes. The extra 10 degrees the heating pad will produce will help the seeds germinate. After the seedlings come up, I will transplant them into the garden. But where? That is my next project. Figuring out where to put the rest of the vegetables.

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