Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another day in the garden!

I started working in the garden about 9:15 a.m. I went up on the hillside and pulled out all the dead and decaying squash plants. About 10 a.m. Juna arrived. Then Marissa. I had them both till the soil up on the hillside and add 1 cubic foot of topsoil plus the last of the compost and worm pile I had in the yard. The squash just got too infested with powdery mildew. I don't understand. I sprayed Actinovate on a regular basis, which was supposed to prevent powdery mildew. Maybe it was the overcast mornings. Who know??? After adding all the worms, soil and compost, Marissa watered everything well.

Added a bucket full of the worms and compost to the other two beds. Planted two more rows of vegetables next to the broccoli in the raised bed. One row of Mache and one row of Pak choi. Marjan arrived late. She pulled out all the yellow and/or dead kale leaves and watered the garden. Juna watered the rest of the garden.

We harvested radishes, green onions, mache, arugula, swiss chard, kale, cherry and Roma tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini and squash. Not a bad day. However, last year at this time, the harvest was much more abundant.

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