Saturday, August 7, 2010

I started gardening a little later this morning than usual. It was so overcast and cool, plus the fact that I was out late last night at a girlfriend's birthday party. I started by tying up the loose branches of the tomato plants, and what did I find? Lots of caterpillars. In one case I found three large ones all together on the same branch and leaf. I must have pulled off 7 caterpillars at least.

Planted a row of leafy greens next to the Royal Oak Leaf Lettuce. Also, planted 1/2 row of Daikon radishes and 1/2 row of red radishes where the first row of peas used to be. That row never came up. The 2nd one did and is about 1 foot tall now.

Katherine harvested a basketful of cherry tomatoes and cut off all t he dead leaves on the zucchini and squash plants. She harvested a beautiful zucchini and cucumber. I found a beautiful beefsteak tomato, all red, ready to eat. The 2nd of the season. I think all the tomatoes will start ripening now. I hope so. Last year at this time, I was flush with tomatoes. It's that cool weather.

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