Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finally back from India!

I have been gone the whole month of January. Went to India with friends. Juna had graciously agreed to take care of the gardens on Wednesdays, her normal day to garden. She watered, weeded, added top soil to the potatoes, added Super Thrive to the watering can once or twice.

Update on the garden: The vetch on the hillside, around the peach and orange tree, in garden #1 is thriving. Just waiting for it to begin to show signs of flowering and then I will have my crew of gardeners help me turn the soil and mix in the cut up vetch. I cultivated vetch to add more nitrogen to the soil and also to help with the texture. Hopefully, the vetch will add whatever is necessary to make the soil up top less claylike.

Also ran string for the two areas where the peas are growing. They are small now and need a little support. Don't we all?

Still harvesting Swiss Chard, lettuce, some radishes and kale. The carrots are showing their frilly tops. May take a few more weeks before we get carrots. The potatoes are finally showing signs of growth. Rodney and I set up the wall around the potatoes in two areas so we can continue to pour earth around the potato plants.

Rodney sprayed all the fruit trees, the bougainvilla and the trumet plant with Neem oil. Thank goodness. I hate carrying that 5 gallon tank on my back. So heavy. Anyway, normally I would use dormancy oil on the fruit trees, but some of them are already flowering. The trumpet plant is infested again with red spider mite. Have to get rid of it before the spring and summer plantings. It will infest all my other vegetables otherwise.

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