Thursday, May 19, 2011

Couldn't garden on Wednesday because the earth was too water-saturated. Yes, we had two days of rain in May and the ground was really soaked. However, today is Thursday, the sun is shining--time to plant some more seeds and seedlings.

Rodney helped me today. He transplanted a banana pepper, Mucho Nacho jalapeno and Pepper de Arbol chili pepper. The last one is a perennial and produces the hottest peppers of the three. That means it will hang around for next year and the year after if I take good care of it. I bought another banana pepper plant later today to plant tomorrow. Apparently they are great for roasting, better than the bell peppers, which I've got to tell you, are great!

Transplanted a row of broccoli seedlings, and t hen I planted a row of broccoli seeds, cauliflower, Royal Oak lettuce and arugula seeds. We used HB101 instead of Super Thrive today. HB101 is a growth enhancer. Let's see what it does??

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