Saturday, May 21, 2011

What a beautiful morning!

Rodney emptied the big compost tumbler. We have decided to make compost in an open pile. Seems to work better for me. So many worms in the tumbler. Both Rodney and I scooped up a bunch and put them in Garden #1.

I transplanted a banana pepper plant in the area with the other peppers. Then I planted a row of celery. I decided I wanted to plant the leeks today, so I scooped out an area in a corner of the raised bed and planted 15 - 20 leek seeds. The scooped out dirt will be used to mound the leeks as they grow. (If you want white leeks, you have to cover them with soil, so the sun doesn't get to them. Otherwise, they will turn green like the tops of the plants.

Then I planted a long row of parsnips and one of turnips. Some where in the middle of the row, Alitash arrived. She helped me finish the planting of the turnips and parsnips. Then she watered everything really well.

She and I amended the soil in one area of the herb garden--pulled out rocks and stones, added compost and top soil. Then we transplanted a cilantro plant and a basil plant. And watered well of course.

This year I am using HB101 when I seed or transplant. Let's see how well it works.

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