Wednesday, May 25, 2011

God bless you Juna!

My dear friend Juna is such a dedicated gardener. Here she is again to help me garden. Rodney is up at his ranch and gone for the summer, so I must look to Juna as my rock.

Before she arrived, I transplanted the butter squash I had started in small pots into the hillside garden. I also transplanted two bean plants started in the peat pellets. I put mycorrhizae in the soil around the beans. It's supposed to help them be healthier plants.

Then we planted a long, long row of carrots and a row of cabbage. It's my first time planting cabbage. Let's see what happens.

Also, transplanted a fennel plant in the herb garden. Only one more section of soil to amend. I hope to plant camomile and other herbs in the last area of the herb garden.

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