Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One Year Anniversary of Plant It Forward

Yes, it's been one year since I started Plant It Forward-the starving artist project. My first journal entry was January 13, 2009. "sprayed dormancy oil on peach tree. Planted 1 1/2 years ago." I didn't write much, but it was the beginning of a project that has blossomed and grown. I didn't start the blog until May 19, 2009, but I documented everything I did in the gardens in a journal. The blog was an afterthought, but a good one. I now plan on making a soft cover book of my daily activities as artist/gardener.

Meanwhile, it rained this morning, so no one came to work. I really needed the help today. Eggplant and peppers to harvest, alyssum to be pruned, compost to be added, fish emulsion to be added to water for the new spinach and arugula, strawberries to be transplanted. Looks like I'm going to be busy the next few days because I want everything to look great. Why?

I am having an Open House this Sunday to preview my exhibition. It will include four 48" x 66" photos showing the transformation of the gardens, eight of the eleven 30" x 30" closeups of tomatoes and other vegetables, a seven minute video interviewing the participating artists and two journals--mine and the one the artists wrote in each time they came to work in the garden. I still have to create a soil installation. Where does the time go? Just not enough time!!

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