Monday, January 11, 2010

Water everything!

It's been very dry lately and pretty warm for January--in the 70s. I watered the newly planted spinach and arugula on the hillside. No sign of either yet, but it really is too early. The spinach planted last month is doing well though. I also watered the strawberries on the hillside. I think I need to transplant some of the new little strawberry plants I have from the suckers.

The arugula in Garden #1 is coming up, but slowly. The chard in the Raised Bed looks great! And of course, the arugula in Garden #1 and the Raised Bed which was planted in the fall is still going great.

I think this Wednesday I will have to harvest the last of the peppers and pull out the plants. Still waiting for the garlic to be ready to harvest. I am going to have so much garlic. I would like to figure out how to make those braids of garlic you see sometimes.

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