Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday--work day?

Yes, I worked today in the garden. I was hoping to empty both the compost bin and tumbler and have all this amazing compost, but alas--no. Most of the compost was not decomposed and extremely wet. The ratio of green to brown and not too wet or too dry has to be maintained. So, all the material in the tumbler and bin was piled onto a 9' x 12' blue tarp. We mixed in 5 - 6 bags of brown leaves and poured about 1/2 gallon of fish Emulsion and some water on top of it all. Mix well and cover with another tarp. I will have to turn it over in 3 - 4 days. Hopefully, I will get some compost in a few weeks. My plan is to use all the homemade compost in the vegetable gardens in preparation for the spring planting.

Even so, I did get a wheelbarrow full of compost to be used in the future. It is resting comfortably in my workshop garage.

I also cut back the raspberry plant and added a lot of compost. I didn't get any raspberries last summer, but maybe that's because I just transplanted it. Hopefully, next year I will be inundated with raspberries. I love raspberries!

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