Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Three people came to work in the garden today: Juna and two new people--Nisha & Ivy. We worked solely on the hillside. Pulled out the last 3 tomato plants and discovered all these white flies and brown spiders within. When plants are done, they just seem to get infested with something.

This hillside soil is still very clay-like. Nisha took the pitchfork and loosened the soil for a new planting bed and around the already established spinach and chard plants. Also added compost. We planted a row of spinach and one of arugula. Superthrived well.

I pulled out a couple of broccoli plants in Garden #1. They just kept flowering. No new broccoli heads. However, I have about 10 broccoli plants in the raised bed which will be ready soon. Also, pulled out a couple of bell pepper plants and some brown and dying basil. The eggplants are going strong. Can't wait for the garlic--a couple more weeks at least!

The gardeners went home with a huge head of arugula, chives, fresh rosemary and dried pumpkin seeds, oregano, basil, thyme and parsley. Oh and a basketful of lemons and limes from my next door neighbor. She never harvests any of the fruit, so I asked if my gardeners could pick the ripe fruit. There will be kumquats soon.

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