Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Amend, amend, amend.

Yesterday, I had the gardener help me mix 1 1/2 bales of peat moss into the raised bed. The soil is still too clay like. The peat moss will help change the texture.

Today, 3 gardeners came. We mixed 3 bags of compost into the same raised bed. We also harvested 1 bunch of chard, carnival carrots, chives and arugula. My neighbor still has lots of lemons and limes, so we picked those also. And I shared my last two avocados with the gardeners. I hope I get more avocados next year. They seem to be a real favorite, and there just weren't enough this year.

It sprinkled a little today. I hope it rains more tonight. I must remember to order the things I need from Gardens Alive, no later than tomorrow. (Seeds, Spring Lawn fertilizer, Escargo, what am I forgetting?

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