Thursday, February 11, 2010

Soggy Ground

Still waiting for the soil to dry out a little, so I can get to work. I have to harvest what's left of the vegetables and mix compost in to the rest of the soil. Then, I need to use some of the new products I bought to get rid of the bad nemotodes, cutworms, etc. Must not forget to check the pH leverls and do soil tests. Busy, busy, busy. I have to check last year's journal to see when I should start the new seeds. I think it was March or April. I have two warming pads now, so I can get twice as much started.

A lady rabbi stopped by to see my gardens today. She wants to start a garden for her temple to create community among the temple members and students from the various schools, and she wants my help. That's right up my alley. Plant It Forward is moving forward--yeah!

I ate one of the avocados from my tree--Deelicious! I harvested about ten of them today. They are quite hard now, but will soften in a week to ten days. They are so good!

The peach tree is blossoming. It is so beautiful!

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