Monday, February 15, 2010

Before you know it-it will be spring!

Spring is fast approaching. I bought 4 bags of peat moss (they weight 40 lbs. apiece) and 6 bags of compost. We will be amending the soil in the gardens this Wednesday. I can't believe how fast the time goes. Before you know it, I will be planting seeds in little containers and putting them on a heating pad in a protected area of my patio, getting ready for summer.

I have gophers and/or voles. Yep, I have seen the mounds and cracking in the soil. The soil should not normally be cracking after all the rain we have had. Yes, it's little critters. Fortunately, I have my Gopher Chase Away castor oil to spread around. That will take care of the little buggers.
I checked for worms in Garden # 1. Hard to find. The gophers and voles eat them. I need worms, not voles and gophers!!!

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