Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Amending the Soil.

It's that time of year--preparing the gardens for the spring planting. Four artist/gardeners came today to work: Ginger, Juna, Mazyar and Bahareh. We harvested spinach, chard, red onions, arugula, avocados, rosemary, sage, parsley and lemons. Today we concentrated on the upper hillside garden and Garden #1, near the patio. We added 7.6 cubic feet of peat moss to each of the gardens; breaking up the peat moss and digging it into the existing soil. Next we have to add compost and gypsum to the hillside. Compost was already added to Garden #1 a few weeks ago. The gypsum is necessary because the hillside soil is still very clay-like. We also need to add gypsum to the raised bed, whose soil is less clay-like, but still too clumpy.

Saturday I hope gardeners will come and we will finish up adding peat moss to the raised bed, lower hillside garden and the herb garden along the side of the house. Hope I get another 4 gardeners. It will really make things so much easier.

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