Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hey, it's my birthday!

So what did I do? I worked in the garden, of course. Turns out there is lots more to do than I realized. A perusal of the garden turned up infestations of bugs. My eggplant have aphids and red spider mite. I washed all the leaves down with water sprayed forcefully from a water wand. Tomorrow I will dust with diatamaceous earth. The Meyer lemon tree in the backyard is also in distress. Aphids, yellow leaves, scale. I fed it Cal/mag liquid and also added some citrus food. Tomorrow I will spray it with Safer's bug spray (it's organic).

Two gardeners showed up today: Marissa and Juna. I had them severely cut back the tomato plants, pulling out two of them that had seen their day. They also pulled out some jalapeno and bell pepper plants that weren't producing anymore and were infested with bugs, etc. I cut off dead leaves from the tomato plants on the hill. The spinach is doing well up there.

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