Sunday, December 6, 2009

So it's Sunday, but this is Saturday news!

No time to blog on Saturday, but it was a great gardening day! Yes, we are now gardening on Saturdays. So many people said they wanted to participate, but Wednesday was a work day and they couldn't make it. So we will try gardening both Wednesdays and Saturdays.

A new person came to the garden--Penny. She is a songwriter. I decided we should plant arugula where the tomatoes used to be. I pulled up three of the plants. Penny mixed in the compost and planted the seeds--watering with a mixture of Super Thrive and water. Meanwhile, I picked up more brown leaves for the compost bin and pruned t he other tomato plants on the hill.

Then we added compost to the lower hillside garden, in front of the wild strawberries. I made two small hills and we planted winter squash-- specifically, Delicata Honey Boat Winter Squash. One of my artist/gardener friends, Ginger, gifted me some seeds, among other things, so I decided to plant them before the rains which are supposed to come Sunday night.

I sent Penny home with a head of broccoli, two heads of arugula, radishes, green onions, a small tomato (yes, I still have a few) and some limes from my neighbor's tree. My neighbor, Carolee, has a lime tree in her front yard, and a lemon tree in her back yard and doesn't pick the fruit. I asked her if it was okay for the gardeners to pick the fruit. She said yes. Great! Now we also have some fresh citrus!

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