Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No one came today!

Oh well, I guess it's the holiday season and everyone is busy. Raksha would have come to work in the garden, but when she called this morning, I told her I didn't think anyone else was coming. And frankly, there is not that much to do. I took apart one of the tomato supports and put it back in the garage. Did some weeding. Put newspaper in the compost bin and turned it a few times.

Tonight, I sprayed my poor Meyer Lemon tree again for scale. The leaves are still pretty yellow. I better feed it tomorrow. Ate a tomato from the garden tonight. It was just okay. I guess it's getting pretty late in the season, plus the cold weather from last week. The skin on the tomato was leathery. However, the broccoli I cut and prepared tonight was delicious.

No need to water anything. The soil is still wet from last week's rain.

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