Monday, December 28, 2009

I decided to work in the garden a little. I piled dirt and compost and the new potato plant. What a surprise that plant was! I guess if failed to harvest a potato in that location, because I now have a new potato plant.

I also cut off lots of dead broccoli leaves and the tops of the broccoli plants that have flowered. Then I cut off a lot of dead and diseased leaves from the eggplants. I have two big eggplants which I will harvest in a day or two. There are a few more to come. I then force sprayed the leaves--tops and bottoms. There is still evidence of spider mites. Tomorrow I will use the diatomaceous earth to hopefully kill off the last of the spider mites and whatever else is eating up the eggplants.

Still have some peppers. Tomorrow I will harvest two yellow bell peppers and it looks that I will soon have some more jalapenos.

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