Sunday, December 27, 2009

So, I pulled out the last of the tomato plants in Garden #1. Ate the last 2 tomatoes tonight. However, I have 3 tomato plants on the hillside. I could still possibly get some tomatoes from them. Amazingly enough, my pepper plants are still producing. I think I will have two yellow peppers in a day or two. I also have two eggplants to pick. Should I fry them, or make eggplant tapenade to put on crackers or bread.

The arugula is amazing. The plants are still going strong. I planted about 15 new arugula plants. They have finally come up. It will be a while before we have arugula leaves from them.

Have to check on the garlic. The green leaves have not fallen over yet and turned brown---a sign that the garlic will soon be ready.

Still dealing with the spider mite on my two flowering plants on the patio. I have to get rid of it or it will spread to the vegetables. I cut off most of the leaves from both plants. Keep your fingers crossed!!

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  1. the tomatoes on the hill sound good. remember to get some of the cherry tomatoes, they are delicious