Monday, August 17, 2009

Attack of the white fly!

One would never guess that I spent all that time yesterday spraying my tomato plants to get rid of the white fly. They are there in great numbers. I hung yellow sticky paper on each plant to hopefully catch some of the little guys. Let's see tomorrow. I think I have to buy more lace wing eggs. Someone anonymous suggested lady bugs, but I read that they are only good for aphids. I am not seeing too much of those.

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  1. Spray a high volume of water, whitefly, aphids,mites all dislike this method. Use diatomaceous earth with a sprayer mixed with water or a dry powder power duster. The diatoms
    are ancient marine life that is small enough to get into the soft body parts of most insects. This causes them to have massive fluid loss and die. Be careful when you use DE as it will affect other insects,good ones , so use in the evening