Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Food for Everyone!

Gardening day again. 7 people showed up--Ginger, Marissa, Juna, Michiko, Flora, Wendi & Jason. Thank goodness I have lot of food to distribute. First off I asked Marissa to cut down the sunflowers on the hill. They are way past prime; however, we may get some sunflower seeds out of it. Then, she tied up a younger sunflower farther down the hill.
We harvested radishes, beets, cucumbers, jalapeno peppers and all the chard. Didn't plant any more chard because the squash, cucumber and cantaloupe vines don't leave any room. Next year, I will have to plant all the vine vegetables on the hillside.
Michiko & Juna harvested the sunflower seeds & also put the dried oregano in small bags-dated, of course. Jason spent all morning shredding a large cardboard box to be divided betwen my 2 compost bins. Compost always needs a balance between green & brown and not too wet, not too dry. Right now we have green & too wet. The brown shredded cardboard will help until all my leaves on my big tree turn brown & fall to the ground.
We pulled up the thyme (all dried out) and planted dill. I will have to find thyme seeds or perhaps buy a small thyme plant. So, we watered, harvested and everyone went home with huge tomatoes, zucchini (or crookneck or butternut squash), cucumbers, green bell peppers, jalapenos, radishes or beets, chard. What a good day!
Meanwhile, everyone enjoyed a piece of zucchini bread with either coffee or lemonade.

Tonight I check the tomatoes for white fly. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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