Monday, August 31, 2009

More caterpillars!

Yes, I found 3 more caterpillars today. They seem to be everywhere. I see the droppings and the vines that have been denuded of leaves. Tomorrow I spray for white fly. It has been one week since the last spraying.

I don't like the coating they leave on the tomatoes. But it does wash off easily enough.

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  1. The residue from the DE is very easy to deal with once washed.Many vegetables have a waxy coating on them from pesticides and the likes ,DE is easy to deal with and is not absorbed into the produce. There will always be something feeding on your garden, but then again your feeding on the garden as well. So goes the circle of life. There are bio-insecticides for caterpillar control and it is not to late to use them. They won't affect the usefulness of DE either.