Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's so hot today! I guess the plants love it, but I don't. I will have to fill the watering can from the rain barrel. The soil looks pretty dry. Lots of tomatoes. I am sure they will all be turning red soon. I should have been counting them to see how many I get this year. Too late now!

Guess what? I still have white fly!!! I am so disappointed. I thought the diatomaceous earth would do the trick. I will try spraying again tomorrow. Is that too soon? Anonymous- you seem to be my expert. What do you think?


  1. There is no quick way to get rid of any type of pest. You will need to dust once a week and keep up with the water spraying. It actually took some time for the white fly to appear so it will take some time to get rid (control) them. Learn the life cycle of the pests your dealing with and you will know how ,why and when to correct the problem and with what.
    Gardening is like a relationship that builds over time ,there are always problems but the quicker we diagnose the problem the quicker you can treat it. Keep a clean garden ,look at your plants carefully and understand that one cannot control nature but live in harmony with it.
    It is frustrating to think of the hours of work, sweat and love ,being devoured by pests but they have to eat too,you just want them to eat at your neighbors. Be happy it isn't a plague of locusts. By the looks of your photos
    your producing great produce for you and all concerned . You should be proud of your garden and all that it means. cheers

  2. And just one more thing . All gardens have pest issues sometime or another. The gardens that don't have pest problems tend to use chemicals to control the problems. I would sooner eat the produce from a enviromentally sustainable garden than from conventionally grown produce, a few insects are added protien while chemicals do cause cancer.