Saturday, August 15, 2009

Not too much to do today except water and look for new insect infestations. I think I have to use the Oil Spray on the tomatoes tomorrow. The lace wings are not doing their job. I think they have eaten themselves (they are cannibalistic) instead of the aphids and white flies. My luck!

Better also keep checking on caterpillars. I think I found more droppings on one of my 8' tomato plants.

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  1. ladybugs, ladybug larva,diatons(ancient marine life),oil/soap shield(every 7 days),spraying with just high pressure water,more lacewings and lacewing larva,lots more sticky traps ,looking for hot spots of infestation and culling that infected area
    diligence,care ,attention
    no bugs no plants ,no plants no bugs