Friday, August 28, 2009

The gardens are doing well. I am cutting off a lot of dead or yellowing lower leaves from the tomato plants, but that seems to happen towards the end of summer any way. I disposed of a huge caterpillar (size of my middle finger) this evening, and one not so big. I couldn't find the 3rd one, although I know he's there. I saw the droppings. Tomorrow I will find him. Also, got rid of a huge locust yesterday. He's been eating my tomato flowers and leaves.

Not as many zucchini as I usually get, but I planted them on the hillside (the earth is newer, less amended) The corn on the hill did not produce good corn on the cob. The peppers are doing well, but too many branches are so heavy with peppers that they are breaking. Next year I must support them better from the very beginning. Lots of butternut squash--lots of butternut squash--and they are so big. I will take another photo of all the vegetable, especially the tomatoes. They are my pride and joy.

Meanwhile, I will soon have cantaloupe. This is the first year I have cultivated them. No watermelon yet, even though I planted a lot of them.

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