Monday, September 28, 2009

Finally Eggplant

I planted so much eggplant this year, and nothing. First it was the soil in the raised bed--too acidic. Then, who knows--it just wasn't taking. Now the plants are huge (3 1/2' tall) and the eggplant are appearing. I am so happy.

Lots of arugula. It is a cool weather plant, even though it hasn't been that cool, it is officially fall. The taste is incredible. The spinach has been having a hard time. I will plant some more on Wednesday when my artists come to help.

We planted radishes last Wednesday, and they are already coming up. How exciting!

The tomatoes are looking scrawnier and scrawnier. The bottom is denuded (I have cut out all the yellowing leaves), and the tops are nice and green. There are still quite a few tomatoes, but not like a few weeks ago.

I have started putting together the exhibition of this project. Meanwhile, last Friday, September 25, 2009,the Beverly Hills Courier did a 2 page article on my project. Please check it out at:

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