Saturday, September 5, 2009

I cut back a lot of the squash, cucumber and zucchini leaves that had powdery mildew. There is so much butternut squash. I only found one caterpillar today-a big, fat one. Am I getting ahead of the caterpillar infestation or just not finding them. I didn't find one grasshopper.

I have six 12" plates full of large heirloom tomatoes. I made a huge pot of tomato sauce with garlic, oregano and basil (all from the garden), but I still have so many tomatoes. I harvested about six today and there are six or more to harvest tomorrow. It seems like I am being deluged with tomatoes, but I don't think the plants will last as long this year. Last year I had tomatoes until Thanksgiving. Maybe not this year. This is the first year I have cultivated Brandywine tomatoes. 2nd year for Beefsteak. It's the Beefsteak vines that are looking the saddest.

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