Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's a Holiday Weekend!

I didn't do too much today. It's a holiday weekend; however, I worked really hard yesterday and so eliminated a lot of work today. Tomorrow I will do some plantings and harvest more tomatoes. I think I have to start cutting more of the herbs and drying them. I am thinking about the mint (newly planted), the rosemary and the oregano. Yes, the oregano. I cut the oregano back a lot only a few weeks ago, and dried it all out. It all came back, and I have just as much as before. Okay, lots of oregano is good--I cook Italian-style, or is the current phrase-Mediterranean.

Have to start thinking about the winter. Just got the Peaceful Valley catalogue. I am planning on putting vetch in most of the gardens. Vetch is a cover crop that puts nitrogen back in the soil and helps prepare it for the spring. I also hope to cultivate lettuce, arugula and broccoli this winter. There will be less to do, but that's okay. I need a break. That way, I will be looking forward to gardening again this spring. Coming from Chicago, I guess I am just a 4-season girl. Plant and garden in the spring, summer and fall. Rest in the winter.

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