Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Harvest Dinner

3 artists came to work in the garden today and we got a lot done. In the raised bed, I had cucumber, butternut squash and cantaloupe vines all entwined and starting to decay. The butternut squash was amazing this year. So much produce, but the vines are exhausted and the insects and powdery mildew are taking over. Sooo, we cut back all the vines, down to the bare minimum. It's always a little sad to say good bye to vegetables that have produced so much, but it's time. I also cut back more dead growth on the tomatoes. Thank goodness I decided to take the 3 extra seedlings from way back in May and plant them on the hillside. They are younger than the tomatoes in Garden #1 and doing a great job of producing beautiful tomatoes.

Harvest Dinner is this Saturday. My original plan was to have the Harvest Dinner some time in October, but the vegetables can't wait. It's now or never to have a bountiful feast! I am planning on serving pasta with pesto made from basil, Italian parsley, garlic, pine nuts and olive oil. Everything except the olive oil, pine nuts & wine are from the garden. I will also grill zucchini and bell peppers. Oh the bell peppers. They are in great form. We will have a dozen or more to grill. What to do with the jalapenos??? I also have to figure out what I what to do with the butternut squash that will fit in with the menu. It's sort of Italian/ Mediterranean style fare. Any suggestions, anyone? I will also prepare marinated flank steak and a variety of sausages. Dessert--cantaloupe and watermelon, plus some desserts guests are bringing. Oh, and my zucchini bread! Hopefully someone will bring something sweet & chocolate.

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