Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gardening Day!

Today we not only gardened, we videotaped interviews with the artists as to their views on the project. Not as many people showed up today as I would have liked. I want a diverse group's opinions. I may have to do another taping.

So many tomatoes today. Everyone went home with 2, 3, 4 tomatoes and lots of basil. The plants are starting to look a little scrawny on the bottom. I am going to foliar feed with calcium in a day or two. The bell peppers really need it. Some are getting End Rot.

We also pulled down the last sunflower in the hillside garden. I will miss them, waving so proudly in the wind. Meanwhile, the sunflowers in the flowerpot on the patio are starting to come up.

I also noticed that the arugula and Batavian endive and Royal Oak leaf lettuce will be ready to start harvesting next week. A few plants are large enough to harvest already. Lots of radished too. They are quite large. Oh, and I almost forgot. We have Yukon gold potatoes!

The DE seems to be doing the job. I still have white fly, but their numbers have dramatically decreased. Found 4 more large caterpillars today.

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