Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Wednesday!

Only Ginger showed up today. Oh well, maybe the excitement about the garden is over, or maybe people are just busy. Anyway, Ginger and I worked hard. Ginger cleaned up the dried thyme while I pulled down the supports for the beans, and pulled out the bean plants. Before she arrived, I pulled out all the corn stalks on the hill. Next week I will plant lettuce and chard there and see what happens. Meanwhile, where the beans used to be, we planted two rows of chard. Surprise, surprise. In digging up the earth where the potato bin was, we discovered about 10 potatoes. How nice. However, that was a lot of work and compost for 10 potatoes. Live and learn. But we have two small potato plants nearby. We covered up the two plants with earth. Try again.

The radishes and broccoli we planted last week are already coming up--amazing! I am going to plant broccoli rabe next week, too.

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